How You Can Leverage Your Personal Brand To Become More Influential, Create More Impact and Generate Multiple Lucrative Income Streams...



Is Revealing How He Has Built Hundreds of The Top Personal Brands,  And Grown Their Accounts To Over 100 Million Followers.

“I’m the guy behind some of the biggest personal brands and business brands in the world.
And I’ll tell you WHY they come to me, but first, check this out.”


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From The Desk Of Dan Fleyshman
Los Angeles, CA

For the first-time ever, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal… 
…How you can leverage your personal brand to become more influential, create more impact and generate multiple lucrative income streams.
What you’ll see today is the exact same strategy my clients and I have been quietly using for years to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and a lot of them wanted to become the celebrity of their industry, so we did that as well. 
There’s a formula for succeeding online, becoming famous, and getting your message to millions so you can create a legacy of impact, significance and wealth.
The BIG brands and entrepreneurs come to me because I have the formula. 
So if you’re tired of struggling to attract new clients… get paid what you’re worth… gain traction online … and if you feel like your message is drowned-out by the sea of competition, I know how you feel because that used to be my clients… So pay close attention because this could transform your business and life forever. 

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...



However, it’s one I’m fully confident making…

Because what you’re about to discover is the same marketing secret that industry experts, thought leaders and hundreds of other influencers have received my strategic advice on. In addition, companies like Lyft, Draft Kings, Post Mates, Universal, Fox, and many others have come to me for my services.

You see, this little-known strategy is overlooked by almost all other business owners and marketers, which is why:

But most importantly…

Because this “secret” is misunderstood and ignored by most professionals and business owners, you can use it to quickly gain an unfair advantage that allows you to dominate your competition, generate thousands of leads and flood your business with multiple new revenue sources.

Rather than me just talking about the results, let me show you what you can do right now to get access to the “secret formula” that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for my clients and I in the last few years.

I’m looking for FAST action takers – This won’t be open long…


“Dan why don’t you have your own course?”

I’ve made so many people famous, and millionaires, why not share the formula…

So I finally decided to block off weeks in my calendar and film the entire course in my professional film studio so your experience watching it is world class.

In the Learning Personal Branding program I decided to not hold anything back… which might frustrate some people who don’t want these industry secrets to be public knowledge…

But I’ve pulled the curtain back on exactly how I’ve been able to grow some of the world’s largest and most successful personal brands, in dozens of industries.

You can see for yourself…

Take a Look Inside The Training Center
of Learn Personal Branding

Take a look under the hood and see for yourself what you’ll get instant access to the second you join Learn Personal Branding 1.0 today. Start growing your personal brand so you can impact more people, make more money, and become more influential and respected in your industry. Here’s the breakdown of the program.


Well first off, anyone who has a career, hobby, or passion and wants to learn how to monetize their time, energy and efforts for a higher level of income.

This is also for anyone who feels they have a calling for more in life. You see, there’s a new celebrity in the world today, and it’s you!

You have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach, and a story to share with humanity. And because of it, you can build a personal brand.

You can attract droves of clients online, and earn multiple streams of income doing exactly what you love from anywhere in the world. You just need a clear step by step path laid out for you to follow.

Personal branding is a must for you if you’re already a…

You can probably tell by now, personal branding is really something that everyone needs to be investing in growing and strategically leveraging. The reason is… Because we live in the best time in history with technology that allows you to share with the world your unique skillsets, make a difference and make money from it.

There's Also a Community To Support You

Imagine being part of a community that has thousands of other entrepreneurs and professionals all committed to growing their personal brands, becoming the authority in their niche, and they’re all committed to creating a huge impact in the world and supporting you in doing the same.

Well that’s the exact type of community we are building inside the Learn Personal Branding program — Why? Because we know that on your journey you may want accountability, support and have some questions you need answered as you execute what you learn in the program.

So we built a world class community inside of Facebook to support you as you grow and at no cost to you, it’s part of the program you’ll be getting instant access to. 

In addition to accountability and support – this will also be a place where we post bonus trainings, and have guest experts do live trainings in the group to give you even more momentum to succeed fast.

Now whether you’re already crushing it and making 6 or even 7-figures, or you’re just getting started and looking to enroll your next high paying client… 

I believe leveraging your Personal Brand is the fastest, most predictable way to trigger massive growth in your income, influence and impact. 

Just imagine…

This can all be engineered, you simply need proven formula follow. 

One that consistently floods your business with new traffic and predictably converts your leads into customers.

Having worked with and consulted thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs in dozens of industries, I’ve distilled this down to a science.

And Now For The First-Time Ever, I’m Sharing The "Secrets" With You…

Until now, the only way to get this information was through my consulting and agency services that start at $25,000.00 for one service. 

However, today I’m going to show you how to get the exact same formula and strategies… without a big investment or even risking a penny! 

Here’s what I mean…

You see, for the past 10 years I’ve been showing entrepreneurs from all walks of life how to make more money, create more impact and live the life of their dreams by implementing this “Missing Marketing Link” in their business…

I’ve been blessed enough to share this strategy with some of the biggest names in the business education industry, not to mention thousands of other successful entrepreneurs.

They all get my strategic guidance on how to develop, launch, monetize and scale their Personal Brands, because with more and more competitors entering the marketplace every day… 

… it is no longer enough to just have a great product or service

With hundreds, even thousands, of businesses screaming for your prospects attention, you simply cannot rely on the same worn-out marketing strategies that used to work.

And if you don’t adjust your strategy to the shifting landscape online it will be…

The Death of Your Business

Now, it might be a slow death… might not even realize it’s happening. 

But you’ll slowly see the symptoms slide in, poisoning your growth. 

Who knows, you may already be seeing some of them?  

Like less engagement on your content… lower conversions on your landing pages, tripwires and sales pages… fewer email “opens”… higher advertising costs… razor-thin profit margins… and the list goes on. 

This is why smart marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners are beginning to focus on the missing marketing link. It’s what gives them an unfair advantage and allows them to stand out from the sea of competitors in their market. 

You see, this strategy is based on one fundamental truth…

Your Prospects Demand A Reason Why They Should Choose You

Listen: if your prospect does not have a compelling reason to choose YOU and YOUR business – they will never buy from you. 

Instead, they’ll just stick to a business they already know, like and trust… or… they’ll “shop around” for the lowest price.

And, if you’re like the thousands of entrepreneurs I see and… 

Your content gets ignoredYour sales funnels won’t convertYou struggle to stand-out from the competitionYou can’t consistently generate traffic, leads and salesYou have to jump from new strategy to new strategy

It’s because…

Your Business - Big Or Small - Is Missing This One Hidden Marketing "Link"...

… and it’s strangling your growth potential. 

You see, without this “link” connecting your marketing and messaging to your audience, your prospects will have no reason to follow you, listen to you, like you or trust you.

In other words, they have no reason to choose you or your business and give you their money.

To Fix This And Scale Your Business You Must Develop Your Personal Brand

That’s right. Read it again if you have to. 

The missing link in your marketing and business is your lack of a coherent personal brand that attracts your audience, establishes trust and systematically turns your cold prospects into fans, then into loyal followers and then into raving customers. 

You see, it is your personal brand that differentiates you from the competition. 

It’s what attracts your ideal prospect. 

It’s what bonds your prospect to you and your business.

It’s what allows you to stand out in a sea of businesses all screaming for attention.

Most entrepreneurs and professionals don’t intellectually understand how much their personal brand is impacting the trajectory of their success. 

But I speak on stages all over the world with some of the most well known personal brands, thought leaders and celebrities in the world (the picture below is from a recent event), and trust me when I say… they ALL know the power of building their personal brands and that’s why they build it with intention.

You see, the really successful entrepreneurs, entertainers and thought leaders all know the importance of their personal brand which is why they focus so much on leveraging it, whether it be to generate more money, opportunities or a larger impact in the world.
But here’s the critical factor most people forget:

You Already Have A Personal Brand And Right Now It’s Either Helping You or Hurting You

It doesn’t matter if you never tried to build a personal brand. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want one. 

The fact remains – you have a personal brand. 

You see, it’s not about being an author, podcaster, influencer, speaker or anything like that. It’s much simpler. 

Your personal brand is simply how the world perceives you. 

So right now, you’re either attracting or repelling your audience.

Every piece of content you release, every message you send and every word spoken is having a direct impact on your relationship with your audience. 

Which is why it’s absolutely critical to leverage your personal brand…  because… if you don’t have a coherent message your audience will  never truly connect with you. 

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to scale up fast… 

…. a well-executed personal branding strategy is what allows you to dominate the competition, attract floods of new customers, become an influencer in your space and add tens of thousands to millions of dollars to your bottom-line.

And, if you want to double your income, influence and impact, you need to…

Begin To Consciously Leverage Your Personal Brand So You Can


Test drive the course 100% RISK FREE. Here’s what I mean…

Go through the entire Learn Personal Branding program, learn all the industry secrets, the step by step process that has generated my clients and I hundreds of millions of dollars…

and if after 30 days you honestly don’t feel like you’re going to make your money back, plus a huge return from what you implement with your personal brand, you won’t pay a penny. You’ll get a full refund but lose access to the course. 

So for people out there who think they can just “google it” to find this formula… All I can say is, none of this information is online for Free, and definitely not in a step by step process laid out for you to follow.

Now if you value your time, and you want to succeed fast, you’ll just join the program because there’s nothing else out there that teaches all of this in one spot.

And since you’ve read this far, you’re obviously someone who is serious about investing in growing your personal brand, and you understand how you can save years of time, costly mistakes, and avoid the worst feeling of them all… regret. 

You can avoid the feeling of regretting that you could’ve accomplished more, played bigger and had more impact and abundance in your life. 

Now the good news for you is, because you’re committed, and it’s risk free, you can jump in and join now to get all the benefits and become more successful. 

To join, just click the button below now and join the program. 

I’ve made this course to impact people’s lives, and will take all the risk away, with this insane guarantee, so investing in yourself is an easy decision.


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